Is it worth buying term insurance without a medical test? Let us unravel the secret behind such catchy phrase. The importance of taking a medical test for term insurance is discussed in detail.

You have taken the right step by choosing to invest in a term insurance plan. Taking a term insurance plan is a great step towards protecting your loved ones. With the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus, many people have chosen to take term life insurance.

Now you are just a small yet crucial step away to get yourself and your family a secured future. Just as KYC is a basic necessity to assure your details a Medical Test for Term Insurance is equally important. A medical test is required for term insurance to help you get the right coverage. This helps us to get the best out of your policy.

You don’t have to worry about the tests as a medical test for term insurance are simple and easy. It can be conveniently done at your home or office. Medical experts will get an FMR Medical Test done before issuing you the best term insurance plan.

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Why Medical Test for Term Insurance is Important?

If you are wondering, is a medical test required for term insurance? The answer is, yes. Whenever a policy is issued in an insurance company, the agent who is responsible for issuing the policy is known as the underwriter. An underwriter checks your health status by taking an FMR medical test i.e Full Medical Report.

The underwriter will ensure if you are healthy or not. If a person is not healthy and diagnosed with a chronic disease like cancer, asthma, heart problem or BP and diabetes then the insurance companies will deny the person from issuing the insurance policy.

Each insurance company has underwriting norms. According to these norms and medical tests, a person will be given or denied a policy. For most companies, a medical test is required for term insurance if you are aged 45 and above.

Most of the companies have terms and condition that states if a person is diagnosed with a condition that falls under their guidelines and norms then they will issue the policy. T

he policy in such cases is issued as a pre-existing disease with a waiting period. The company will ask you to give a loading amount at the commencement of the policy. But these criteria differ according to companies.

Can We Buy Term Insurance Without Medical Test?

In recent times, few companies have decided to waive off medical test for term insurance even if your age is 60. Though this seems to be a better option, it might not benefit you in many ways.

For example, Raj might be taking medications for Blood Pressure but does not consider it as a medical condition. If Raj denies any medical history to an insurance agent while taking a policy, it is not acceptable. Taking a single BP tablet makes Raj a hypertension patient. So, Hypertension is a pre-existing medical condition. This will have a waiting period of 3 or 4 years in the insurance policy.

If Raj fails to mention the condition, assuming that taking a BP tablet is insignificant, then this is a case of fraud or Non-disclosure of facts. Though Raj missed declaring the medical history unknowingly and if the insurance company discovers the fact, after a few years, then they will reject the claim. The company has all the rights to cancel the policy without any refund of paid premium.

Most people do not understand the importance of disclosing the fact that they are taking certain medicines, particularly in a policy where no medical test for term insurance is being performed. Later the policy is rejected and the premium paid for so many years is also forfeited.

Several companies in India have started the wrong practice of issuing term insurance without a medical test until the age of 60. The only person who benefits from such a policy is the “INSURANCE AGENT”.

Always choose a policy that requires a medical test for term insurance.

Benefits of Choosing a Term Insurance with Medical Test:

You may feel the process of medical check-ups tiring but often an unknown disease is detected during the FMR medical test. The main advantage of taking a medical test for term insurance is if you face an issue in a claim in the future, you will have an upper hand in such situations.

You are greatly benefited as you have disclosed all the information honestly in the proposal form and went for a health check-up at the designated lab. Hence the policy is duly issued by the underwriter as per the information in the proposal form.

In the case of purchasing a policy without a medical test for term insurance, there is a high chance that the client is not aware of the questions and norms in the proposal form. if a problem arises in the future after few years it is the responsibility of the policyholder to prove any non-disclosure fact.

If the company alleges the policyholder of not having disclosed the medicine at the commencement of the policy, how will you prove it? That is why it is necessary to choose term insurance with a medical test.

There are policies for people of age 60 that doesn’t require a medical test. If you wish to buy such policies please do get a health check-up done in your interest before buying a policy. In case if you are diagnosed with any condition kindly share the findings in the proposal form of the company.

Even if you are diagnosed with a condition in the future kindly share it with the company. Or discuss with the agent about the medical condition or save the medical document in a file at home

What Type of Medical Test for Term Insurance Is Required?

  • Basic information like height and weight, i.e. BMI is required.
  • A urine test is taken.
  • If you are a smoker the cotinine levels in the urine and blood sample should be within the normal range. Cotinine is a byproduct of nicotine.
  • The blood test samples are taken to know about;
  • Complete blood count (CBC)
  • ECG
  • Bio
  • Fasting Plasma Glucose
  • Hemoglobin levels
  • Differential count
  • Cholesterol levels

The medical test would differ according to the health condition of you and your family. The medical history of you and your family is taken into consideration. If you have a family history of a certain disease or you are at a greater risk of getting a disease then additional tests will be taken accordingly.

What Happens in a Medical Test for Term Insurance?

Depending on the type of policy and medical tests, you can choose to have it done at a place of your choice. It can be done at home or office at your convenience. Before the test, it is necessary to fast for 10 to 12 hours for the blood test.

If any additional test is required apart from a blood test, then you will be requested to visit an empaneled center convenient to you. The network of medical centers differs for each brand company. The medical centers use the best medical equipment. You will be monitored by experienced specialists.

How much does it cost to take a medical test?

The medical test for term insurance taken is absolutely free of cost.

Step by Step Process of FMR Medical Test Explained:

Let us discuss the process involved in an empaneled centre for taking a medical test for HDFC Term Insurance, TATA AIA, MAX Life, SBI, BAJAJ ALLIANZ, BIRLA SUN LIFE,  MET LIFE, FUTURE GENERALI, UCO BANK and many other term insurance.

  1. You will be attended within 5-10 minutes upon arriving at the hospital.
  2. You will be asked for a photo identity. You can choose to show any one of the following identity below;
    • Aadhaar card
    • Pan card
    • Driving License
    • Passport
    • Bank passbook
    • Office ID card
  3. A self-attested photocopy of the ID has to be submitted.
  4. When the FMR tests are done agents are not permitted to stay along with the client.
  5. A blood sample and a urine sample are taken as per the requirement in the TPA (Third Party Administrator) form.
  6. According to FMR medical test, you will be asked some medical-related questions by the doctor. The questions include the history of any disease, or any undergoing treatment, any history of surgeries and hospitalizations, or any physical abnormalities.
  7. You will also be asked questions related to the medical history of your family members.
  8. After completion of questions related to the FMR medical test, the medical experts will take BP, Pulse rate, Height, Weight, Inspiration and Expiration.
  9. ECG will be taken if necessary.
  10. An X-ray will be taken if necessary.
  11. The medical records of the client are kept confidential and not disclosed to anyone other than the client.

Purpose of Taking a Medical Test for Term Insurance:

The main objective of taking a medical test for term insurance is that the insurance company verifies your health condition before taking insurance. 

Various factors are determined based on the medical test for term insurance. Let us discuss the factors that are affected due to medical test.

1. The Premium Amount:

The insurance agent must know your health condition before determining the appropriate quotation for the premium payable towards the plan. Your health is directly proportional to the premium payable.

If you are a healthy candidate then the premium payable will be less. But if the medical test spots any pre-existing medical condition, the premium payable is higher. Since the risk factor is high in the case of a pre-existing medical condition the premium will also be high.

2.  The Sum Assured:

The sum assured is the money your family member will receive if an unexpected event occurs during the policy tenure. The amount of Sum Assured is relatively higher if the term insurance medical test proves you to be healthy. If the term insurance offered does not require any medical test, then the Sum Assured amount will be less.

This amount will not be sufficient to meet the financial expense of your family. It is always advisable to use an online term insurance calculator to estimate the premium amount to get the desired Sum Assured.

3. Chances of Claim Rejection:

People have the false assumption that they can avail the desired Sum Assured by opting for a term insurance plan that does not require a medical test. But at the time of claim settlement, if the insurer discovers that the demise of the insured is due to pre-existing disease, the insurer can reject the claim.

Thus disclosing any pre-existing medical condition is important to prevent the term insurance claim rejection.

Pick Out a Term Insurance That Requires Medical Test

The COVID-19 situation has created an awareness among people. Life is full of unexpected turns and it is important to stay safe and secured. Do not make further delay and choose term insurance with a medical test now. Trust us, this is the best way to choose the desired plan according to your needs.

Due to the massive impact caused due to coronavirus the best way to protect you and your family is by taking coronavirus term insurance. Ensure your family stays safe at all cost by choosing a pure life protection product.


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