Do you need the motivation to stay fit and healthy? What if you win rewards to stay fit and healthy. Isn’t that motivational? Read on to find out more on how to lower the premium rates by staying healthy.

Everyone dreams of having a healthy lifestyle and we all like to stay fit and healthy. We even start practising them for few months. But after a few months, we start losing interest. We need some sort of motivation to keep things doing. This is where the insurance companies have come up with an awesome scheme for the policyholders.  Health insurance companies have started giving discounts of up to 30% on the premium if the policyholder meets certain criteria regarding health and fitness.

Imagine if you are a fitness freak and one of your friends is not that keen on staying fit, yet you both are the same from the insurance company’s perspective. Both will pay the same premium amount. But things have taken a new turn when the IRDAI Insurance Development Regulatory Authority of India has changed certain rules and is keen to reward customers who pay a lot of attention to stay fit and healthy.

5 Easy Steps to Stay Fit and Healthy:

We are all restricted to stay in our house to avoid the infection of COVID-19. But this sedentary lifestyle poses a great threat to our health. Inactivity and binge eating can lead to weight gain and other issues in the long run.

To avoid this we have discussed certain simple tips to stay fit and healthy. All you need is some determination and motivation to stay fit and healthy.

1. Physical activity:

Physical activity is quite a challenge during the lockdown. But let us discuss the tips to stay fit and healthy while staying home.

  • Take a walk:

Take a short 10-minute walk 3 times a day whenever possible. You can walk on your terrace or the veranda of your house. Walking reduces stress and is good for health.

  • Stretching:

Do some small stretching exercises like yoga or aerobics or any simple exercise. This will lubricate the joints of your bones and will help the internal organs stay active and function properly.

  • Breathing Exercise:

Breathing exercise is the best way to increase the oxygen level and improves lung function. It strengthens the diaphragm and helps the nervous system to relax. This greatly reduces stress, anxiety and depression. It is good for our lungs, cardiovascular system, digestive system and also improves immunity. This is the most essential exercise during the pandemic. Practice breathing exercises early in the morning and in the evening. This is a great indoor exercise. 

  • TV Workout:

A lot of TV channels telecast yoga, simple exercises early in the morning. Doing some workout along with a celebrity can be entertaining.

  • Workout  using apps:

Several health-related apps can be chosen. With technology in our hands, it is an economical way to start our day healthy. Apps can also keep track of your physical activity every day.

  • Online workout classes:

Since we are not allowed to step out and hit the gym online classes are the best way to exercise under the supervision of an instructor.

2. Good Eating Habits to Stay Fit and Healthy:

Food is the best medicine. Every food has a medicinal property and can heal our body if taken in the right way and the right amount. A balanced meal plays a key role in keeping our body stay fit and healthy. Let us take a look at certain healthy eating practice to avoid many diseases in the future.

  • Taking a Balanced Diet:

Your food platter should have a combination of pulses, grains, vegetables, leafy vegetables, yoghurt and fruit. Take protein-rich foods such as egg, meat, fish, milk, sprouts and nuts.

  • Eat Alkaline-Rich Foods:

Most of the cooked food turns acidic. That is why it is important to take alkaline uncooked foods such as fresh raw vegetables, sprouts and fruits. Taking alkaline food prevents many diseases like acidity, cancer, heart problems, obesity, hypertension etc. You must include a bowl of salad in your daily diet and see the wonders it does to your body.

  • Eat Freshly Prepared Food:

Eating freshly cooked homemade food is the best way to keep you stay fit and healthy. Avoid using processed and canned foods as they are filled with a lot of preservatives and chemical. It does more harm than good to your body. Avoid buying food from outside. Freshly prepared food contains the necessary nutrients but after a few hours, it loses its nutrient properties and will also attract certain harmful bacteria. So it is advisable to have food within a few minutes of preparation.

3. Keep Your Body Hydrated To Stay Fit And Healthy:

Just like earth most of our body is composed of water. About 60% of our body is composed of water. According to experts the brain and heart have 73% of water, lungs have 83% water, the skin has 64% water, muscle and kidney has 79% and bones have 31%. So the data speaks itself and tells us the importance of consuming water. Keeping yourself hydrated is an essential tip to stay fit and healthy.

4. Maintaining Mental Health to Stay Fit and Healthy:

Have you ever wondered why your body faces certain issues despite eating healthy and staying physically fit? Well, it is due to the disruption of your inner peace. It also plays an important role in helping you stay fit and healthy.

 The key mantra for Healthy body= Physical health + Mental health.

How to keep you mentally strong? It’s quite easy. Just spend some quality time with yourself. Do some relaxing and calming activities. Do activities that you love to energize your mind like yoga, mediation, painting, reading, or any hobbies you like.

Mental stress can lead to problems like heart disease, hypertension, digestive problems, migraines, etc. Let us avoid these diseases by taking precautionary steps.

5. Have a Good Sleep:

Having a good night’s sleep for at least 8 hours will help the body to get rejuvenated. If you can get up fresh in the morning as if you were born today then your body is healthy. All the necessary repairs are done in the body when we are asleep. That is why we feel fresh in the morning.

Healthy People Pay Lower Premium Rates:

We always seek affordable premium rates that give maximum benefits. It is possible if you choose to stay fit and healthy. Because a healthy person who has fewer chances of getting hospitalised is charged with lower premium rates. Getting insurance at an early age also reduces the premium rates.

Well, the first question that pops up in your mind now is why should I get health insurance if I am healthy? How will I benefit from this? Though you might be healthy, staying protected and secured from any unforeseen events is always safe. But now certain companies have come up with a health insurance product that rewards you if you stay fit and healthy. This is called a wellness program.

Wellness Program by Health Insurance:

Health insurance policy in India has been offering coverage to policyholders who are hospitalised or ill. But now some insurance companies have come up with a scheme to encourage you to stay fit. If you stay fit and healthy without making any claim then some benefits can be reaped in terms of paying a low premium. This scheme is popularly known as wellness programmes.

If you buy a health insurance policy with a wellness program then you are given reward points for indulging in physical activities like jogging, running, walking, cycling, etc.

Advantages of Choosing  a Health Insurance Wellness Program

By choosing this scheme you are not only saving money but also keeping yourself motivated to stay fit and healthy.  The following benefits are offered by the insurers;

  • Reward Points: The reward points include discounts or concession on medical check-ups at network hospitals or pharmacy bills. The insurance companies track your fitness through apps with a tracking feature. This will motivate the insured to monitor their health and stay fit and healthy. The insured can redeem the points and avail certain discounts and benefits.
  • Discounts: If the policyholders take special attention and monitor their health according to the company guidelines then the insured are provided discounts at the time of the renewal period. The discount can be a lower premium rate or concession at the pharmacy or medical consultations.

Companies That Offer Wellness Program:

IRDAI has encouraged insurance companies to come up with innovative schemes for health insurance policy. Below are few companies that have offered various schemes for the policyholders taking health insurance.


ICICI Lombard has started a program called #DoTheDifficult that offers wellness benefits to their customers buying health insurance. The points are given based on healthy behaviour. You can win reward points by participating in their marathons, cyclothons, swimathons and other sporting events. You can redeem the points by getting a membership to a gym, aerobics and yoga at least once a year. The points can be redeemed according to their terms and condition.


Apollo Munich through its “Stay Active” program is motivating and encouraging its customers to walk 10,000 steps every day to avail a discount of 8%.


Aditya Birla has a wellness program called “ Health Returns”. In this program, the company keeps track of your walking activity through a digital device with an integrated tracking mechanism. You are encouraged to start your activity on each “active day”. If you have done a 30-minute workout at an empanelled gym or tried walking 10,000 steps a day it is recorded and qualifies as an “active day”.


Bajaj Allianz provides certain benefits to their policyholders such as discounts for medical health checkups at a network medical hospital. You can also avail the discount on pharmacy bills.

Bajaj Allianz has launched a program in 2018 called “Pro-Fit”. It is a wellness program. It provides health-related service on your mobile. The features include;

  • Health-related assessment questions.
  • Articles related to a healthy lifestyle.
  • You can store your health records by uploading them in the form of a file. This will create a digital copy of your medical records.
  • It has a fitness tracker.
  • You can get online assistance from doctors.
  • It also has a vaccination reminder feature.
  • It can also track your health parameters such as thyroid profile, kidney profile etc and gives you a report if anything is abnormal.

Why Insurance Companies are Encouraging to Stay Fit and Healthy:

The core premise on offering rewards, discounts and lower premium rates to the policyholders is that healthy people will not file claims often. Therefore it is a huge saving for the insurance companies. This has led the insurance companies to come up with new schemes for the policyholders that benefit both the insurer and the insured. Few companies have even started giving discounts up to 30% on the premium when a customer meets the desired criteria in the fitness and wellness program.


Leading a healthy lifestyle is always rewarding for an individual. But now the insurance companies have made it possible to get financial rewards as well. According to a survey this wellness program has been widely accepted by people and has a good reach. Most of the people from metro cities have shown interest in this type of schemes.

But don’t get entranced and choose a policy based on the discounts in premium. Rather choose a policy that best benefits you by reading through the policy features and claim settlement process of the insurance companies. Check the reviews for the policy online before taking any decision.

Though keeping your health at bay is the top priority, try to make efforts for the betterment of the future. Have a secured and safe life in every possible way.


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